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John Katakasi Dr John Katakasi BVSc (Hons)

Hi, I am the founder of the Aushound company. It was the culmination of a lifetime of interest and involvement in the racing industries and the sporting arena.

Over the last 15 years my involvement in the greyhound industry has become all consuming. I started my own practice the Adelaide Plains Vet Surgery in 2001 which has predominantly served the greyhound industry in South Australia. I have bred, reared, broken in and trained many dogs. It has lead me on a quest for more knowledge and understanding on how to better maintain these phenomenal athletes and understanding that prevention is better than cure. I also served a three year term on the GRSA board which would had to have been some of the most frustrating times in my life!
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I have undergone training in Traditional Chinese Veterinary medicine in both acupuncture and herbal medicine which has been the background and inspiration behind some of the original Aushound formulations developed to help with stress, cramping, muscle soreness and treating sports anaemia that are common place in racing greyhounds.

In 2003 I went to the USA and was trained by Richard and Sharyn Conole in the Camelot Farms Frozen semen method. As a result of this association with the Conoles I have been very actively involved in the development and implementation of frozen semen becoming a mainstream method of breeding in Australasia by teaching many other vets and stud masters the method so the techniques and technology is accessible to breeders throughout the region.

In recent times my original interest in the nutrition and physiology of greyhounds has culminated in the formation of Aushound. My original aim was to develop products specifically targeted to the racing greyhound that were far superior and more specific to greyhounds than any other product on the market. Bureaucratic red tape has made this original goal a difficult challenge to get these supplements into the mainstream greyhound community. However it also has made me aware that there is a lot of misinformation within the greyhound community and while we continue to strive to produce greyhound specific products for the mainstream market, we also are passionate about education and getting the right information to participants.

Aushound plans to use modern technology through the internet to be able to communicate with the broader greyhound community to give them the information they need to assist them in any greyhound specific matter. Please feel free to contact us with suggestions, questions and requests so that we can better provide the products and services that you require.

Greyhound Examination

Greyhound Examination
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